Each year the Air Brake Association along with the other Coordinated Mechanical Associations (CMA's) are looking for people who have connection to the rail industry and are willing and able to present interesting and timely presentations at the annual convention. This is year is no exception. If you are interested in making a presentation or know of other people in the industry who would be interested in submitting a paper for presentation, please contact Bruce McConnell Secretary/Treasurer of the Air Brake Association.

Some examples of interesting topics are High Speed Rail, Slack Adjusters, Hot and Cold Wheel Detection, Trends in Electronic Air Brake Technology, Securement of Train Brakes, Government Regulations, etc.

The presentation should be approximately 20 minutes in length. The presentation must be a technical in nature. Please do not share pricing or other details that should be privately discussed between you and your customer. We are currently looking for papers for the 2018 RSI Conference. Please submit your abstract to the Secretary/Treasurer for review. The paper, if selected for the ABA Conference will be printed in the ABA Proceedings Book. Please only submit in Word or PDF Format.

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